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  • Is there an Android App?

    • Freefly is focusing on iOS development for the Q2, 2018 launch of Movi.
    • We do not currently have a plan for the release of an Android app.
    • The Movi powers up with Majestic mode, and the clamp will accommodate phones of a variety of sizes (including many Android phones). But without the ability to tune the Movi for your phone, or enable any modes, we do not currently recommend the Movi for Android users.

  • Does my phone work with Movi?

    The Movi uses an adjustable clamp to physically accommodate all models of iPhone. However, there is a possibility that a 6/7/8 Plus won’t fit if you have a bulky case.

    The Movi App works with iPhones running iOS 11 or later.

  • Can I keep my case on my iPhone?

    Most likely. Unless you have a bulky case on a Plus sized iPhone 6,7 or 8, your phone will fit and balance in the Movi.

  • Can I use lens attachments on my phone with Movi?

    Yes! Lens attachments are supported on Movi, but you will need to counter-balance the weight of the lens for proper balance. Freefly will have a counter-balance kit available available soon!

    Fisheye lenses may be tricky to balance without seeing the Movi in the shot!


  • Can I adjust the exposure of my video or timelapse?

    Yes! Just touch the screen to adjust the exposure and focus. It is very similar to iPhone’s native camera app.

  • What does Majestic mean?

    Majestic Mode gives you direct control over Movi, smoothing and stabilizing your movements in two ways:

    • It gives you an adjustable window, where you change how much of your movement Movi will ignore.
    • It applies smoothing to the movement outside this window, to prevent jerky motion.

    Change these settings to make Movi more responsive for tracking fast action, or smoother for slow cinematic moves.

  • Can I use Movi with my favorite video capture app?

    Yes and no.

    By default, Movi is in Majestic mode and will stabilize your footage no matter what you are recording with.

    However, there are some things only our app offers. To name a few:

    • Record start/stop from the Movi’s button
    • Methods such as Echo, Timelapse, Movilapse, and Orbit
    • Triggering mode-specific actions such as roll



  • Can I make selfie videos?

    Yes, you can! In the settings you can switch between the back and front camera. You can even make selfie timelapses!

  • What do the trigger buttons on the front of Movi do?

    The top button triggers our app to start recording. The bottom button triggers super cool functionality in the app, like setting start/stop positions or kicking off a move. There is also an option in settings to change the functionality of the mode trigger in Majestic mode. Currently, you can opt to turn continuous roll on/off or freeze the position of your phone.

  • What can I mount Movi to, using the supplied ¼ 20 mount?

    Movi has an industry standard ¼-20 insert on the bottom that is compatible with most tripods and tripod quick-release plates.

    • The ¼ 20 threaded insert is intended to mount Movi to devices like tripods, cranes, sliders etc.
    • The mount is not designed or recommended for use with vehicles or other high acceleration / vibration applications.

  • Is Movi waterproof?

    Movi doesn’t like to be dunked, but doesn’t mind a light shower. Don’t be afraid to bring your Movi to a beach, but it was not designed as a submersible.

Did you buy one too many?

If you purchased your Movi from Freefly, your unopened Movi can be returned for a refund (less shipping costs) within 14 days of original delivery. Visit our Terms of Sale for complete return terms.

  1. 1. Contact Freefly support to obtain an RA number.
  2. 2. Return Movi to its original packing materials.
  3. 3. Clearly mark shipping box with your RA number and Freefly shipping address.
  4. 4. Ship from your preferred local shipping outlet (FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, Carrier Pigeon, etc).

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